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Cheap PhD Programs

by Jonathan Rawls

Searching for Cheap PhD Programs?

Earning a doctorate level degree used to be attainable for only a handful of students. The time and monetary commitment is extensive. Most students at this level are working adults and cannot commit to this type of commitment. Thankfully, there are cheap PhD programs that can help you succeed in your goal.

Walden University – Online PhD Programs

Cheap PhD Programs

Walden University offers accelerated classes: 8 week online classes.

Walden University’s doctoral programs have a unique blend of theory, research, and practical application to help you make an immediate and significant change in your life and in the lives of others.

Online Doctoral Programs:

Each doctoral degree listed below offers numerous specialization options.

  • Business Administration
  • Management
  • Education – both PhD and Ed.D. available
  • Counselor Education
  • Health Services
  • Human Services
  • Psychology
  • Public Health
  • Public Policy
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice

As a doctoral student, you will work closely with faculty in areas of study that are most meaningful to you. Faculty members serve as mentors and partners, offering both guidance and a fresh perspective on your research.

Read more or get a program guide from Walden University.


Capella University – Online PhD Programs

Cheap PhD Programs

Capella University offers accelerated classes: 10 week online classes.

Many higher education faculty positions require a doctoral degree which can prepare you for leadership, research, teaching, or consulting positions in a variety of fields. Capella’s online doctoral programs offer advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in a wide-range of fields.

Online Doctorate Degrees:

  • Business / Accounting / Leadership / Project Management / Business Intelligence / Management
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education / Counselor Education
  • Health Administration
  • Human Behavior / Human Services
  • Information Technology / IT Management / Information Security
  • Organization and Management
  • Psychology / Educational Psychology / Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Health Care Administration
  • Nursing Education
  • Public Administration / Public Health
  • Social Work / Social and Community Services
  • Training and Performance Improvement

Read more or get a program guide from Capella University.

Cheap PhD Programs

Most of the more inexpensive programs are available online. These schools have very little overhead costs and can, in turn, pass those cost savings on to students in the form of cheaper tuition. If tuition is still out of range, students are also eligible for financial aid, student loans, and scholarships to help subsidize the cost. Listed above are some of the most inexpensive PhD programs on the market. All offer their programs online.

What about the time commitment?

A typically campus based program can take seven or more years to complete. However, most online universities do not follow the traditional academic calendar. Quarters are usually just 6-8 weeks rather than 16. In addition, quarters typically start right after another with no break in between. This allows for students to finish the coursework portion of their doctorate program more quickly. Students will still be required to complete a dissertation. Although, with the coursework portion of the program condensed, they can get to this portion more quickly and have more time to work on it.

Most online PhD programs are not only less expensive, they are also faster than most traditional PhD programs.

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