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Doctorate Degrees

We can connect you with our network of top universities offering doctorate degrees online.

Top 3 Universities in 2014

Liberty University

Liberty offers accredited doctoral programs in Counseling, Education, Theology, & Ministry online.

Capella University

Capella offers 39 accredited doctoral programs online in a wide-range of fields.

University of Phoenix

Earn your doctorate degree online in Business, Psychology, Education, Nursing, and more.

Doctorate Degrees

Online Doctorate vs. Traditional Programs

Want to earn your doctorate degree, but aren't sure whether you should pursue online studies? Compare online doctoral and traditional PhD programs now.

Doctoral Programs

PhD vs. EdD

Both degrees are the highest degrees one can earn in the field of education. Which is better? Does one have more prestige than the other?

Financial Aid

Financial Aid for Graduate School

Want to earn your doctorate degree, but aren't sure how to pay for your degree? Learn more about scholarships, student loans, and financial aid.

Online Doctorate Degrees

Many people who have spent years earning a graduate or undergraduate degree wonder why they'd want to consider earning a doctorate degree. After all, if their education qualifies them for their current position, why incur the additional expense in getting a PhD?

There are several reasons one may choose to earn a doctorate degree. First and foremost, a doctorate is the highest level of degree one can earn in any field of study. Second, there is always something new to learn, or a new way to approach something. A doctorate degree can do that and more.

Typically doctorate degree programs take several years to complete. Much of the program consists of general coursework, while some degrees may require a period of residency to complete the program. Some colleges actually have you complete the degree program in a "cohort" style of learning. This allows you to create rapport with other doctorate students, form strong bonds and network with other people in your industry.

Today's advancements in technology have been able to allow potential doctorate students to even earn their degree through online programs. By doing so, students get the freedom to learn when and where they'd like, using their home computer.

Doctorate degrees come in a variety of forms, some of which are industry specific. Here are a few examples:

  • DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) - The highest degree for students in the field of business. This is an applied degree rather than a PhD, which is academic based.
  • EdD (Doctor of Education) - Ideal for those who wish to be school administrators. Again, this is an applied degree rather than an academic or research based degree.
  • JD or EJD (Doctor of Law, otherwise known as Juris Doctorate or Executive Juris Doctorate) - Designed for those who wish to study law in order to become a lawyer, or a scholar of law.
  • PhD - PhD degrees can be found in a number of fields including philosophy, psychology, education, business administration, english, ethics, and social sciences. PhDs are usually research or academic based. Upon earning a PhD, you will become a scholar of that particular area of study.

A doctorate degree comes with a great deal of prestige and this can usually qualify you for higher paying career paths and jobs. In most cases, a PhD can pay for itself within a few years.

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